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Our Services

Extreme Engineered Solutions offers a wide variety of services in both the design related fields as well as the manufacturing related fields. EES has the resources to take on many different types of projects from redrawing outdated and hard to read drawings to complete design and build projects. A list of the various services that are offered by Extreme Engineered Solutions can be found below.

Redrawing Old Drawings

EES can take existing customer drawings and redraw them in the latest CAD software. This allows our customers to have new easy to read and easy to file drawings.

Three-Dimensional Solid Modeling

EES has the ability to make three dimensional solid models of either customer supplied prints or newly designed machinery. This allows for both EES engineers as well as customers to easily visualize the way the equipment will look as well as function. The three-dimensional solid models can also be manipulated to show the actual movement of the machinery before it has even been manufactured. By manipulating the models, engineers can detect potential interferences and problems before the machinery is built and operational.

Finite Element Analysis

EES can also utilize Finite Element Analysis Software to analyze critical components of machinery for strength as well as durability. EES can offer this as a service to customers who may have a problem component that is failing, as well as a part of a complete design project. EES will select the critical components that may be highly loaded or a component that would cause a catastrophic failure of a machine. This allows EES to design machinery that is both robust as well as economical.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering of components or machinery is also available from EES. This allows customers to have a drawing or set of drawings made of a particular part or machine that they may not have good drawings for. As part of this service EES will take and measure a part and make a drawing that the part can be manufactured from. If an entire machine is involved, EES can take the existing drawings, if they do exist, as well as taking field measurements and provide a complete set of manufacturing and assembly drawings to the customer. EES uses the latest in articulated arm CMM and software technology to replicate the components as a solid model. The software that is used allows for direct input into the solid modeling software and the models are built in real time as the part is measured. By using these tools, EES can measure the parts and produce three dimensional models that are accurate to less than .001”.

Conceptual Engineering

EES can also offer our customers conceptual engineering capabilities to determine the best solution for the required task. This allows EES to take the input from our customers and provide them with a solution to the problem at hand. This can include rough machinery design, process determination, and/or complete design work.

Manufacturing Services

EES can offer, along with our sister company, Extreme Machine & Fabrication, a wide range of manufacturing services including machining, fabricating, inspection, rebuilding and retrofitting of existing equipment.