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Our Capabilities

Extreme Engineered Solutions has a wide variety of capabilities, from custom designed machines and components to manufacturing parts to customer prints.

EES has designed and built a wide range of custom machines since its inception. EES takes the requirements from a customer and applies them to a solution that will both fit the needs of, as well as fit the economical requirements, of the customer. EES has designed and built material handling equipment, melt shop equipment, extrusion industry equipment, as well as a variety of other equipment. EES will also take an existing component or machine and make modifications to the design to make it more economical or more robust. EES strives to provide the customer with the best fit solution to whatever the situation may be.

EES also can reverse engineer components that a customer may not have detailed drawings for. By using an articulated arm CMM along with specialized software, EES can produce solid models accurate within less than .001” with the need for any post processing. The measured points are directly input into the solid modeling software and the model is built in real time.

EES has the ability to offer its customers with the capabilities of a full-service manufacturing facility. Together with Extreme Machine & Fabrication, EES can offer the ability to manufacture parts to either customer prints or through the reverse engineering process. EES can also bring in existing pieces of equipment and rebuild them to OEM specifications.

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