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Welcome to Extreme Engineered Solutions

We are a full-service engineering company based in western Pennsylvania. Our team of engineers and process experts specializes in designing and fabricating customized equipment for clients in the metal industry. We work with clients to develop suitable solutions that meet physical, technological and economic challenges. Whether we're creating a custom-built melt shop machine or adding a high-performance part to a material handling system, each item is designed, engineered and manufactured to meet clients' needs and to withstand demanding production floor conditions.

Our industrial design and engineering services start with detailed CAD drawings. We update existing materials and draft new drawings that are clear and concise. This data is fed into three-dimensional solid modeling software that allows us to visualize the custom machine design and to see how it functions before a single part is built. These virtual prototypes save time and money and confirm that each process meets exacting performance standards. To ensure that each system succeeds in demanding work conditions, fatigue testing is an essential part of the design. Manufacturing production systems for the metal industry requires robust parts and in-depth knowledge. Our finite element analysis software can determine the strength, durability and longevity of the smallest components.

We take clients' objectives and concerns very seriously when creating extreme machines that can handle anything. We design production systems from the ground up, and we improve existing systems by designing superior components and reverse engineering parts to create new prototypes. Our team members analyze the smallest components without losing sight of the big picture and how minor systems affect the larger process layout. Our engineering services are ideal for developing materials processing systems and extrusion equipment that fabricates rolled metal products, pipes and tubing. Our engineering services are ideal for developing material processing, handling, and custom designed machines for the rolled metal product, extruded product and pipe and tube product industries.